1- Crime Sheet or Criminal Record.
2- Medical Opinion.
3- Policy that covers Repatriation. (If you don’t have it, Volunteer Xtreme can provide it for an additional cost)
4- Cover the flight payment.
5- Cover transportation and food payments between projects as well as recreational activities.
6- Make the deposit of the package in the established time.
7- Fill, sign and send the registration form, regulations and company policies.


Marcelo Coto R.

Sales Advisor
Cartago, Costa Rica.

María Jesús Mejía

Sales Executive
San Jose, Costa Rica.

Yerick Salmerón S.


Diego Soto Blanco

General Manager

Jonh Edward Lewis

Sales Advisor
Cartago, Costa Rica.

More Information

(+506) 8511 86 41

Infotmation of Costa Rica:

Language: Spanish
Currency: El Colón
Habitants: 5,000,000
Capital: San José
Territory: 51 100 km²
Telephone Code: +506

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