Island Turtle Tour.

Description: Come and enjoy this one-day tour, starting the trip from a small pier in Puntarenas where we will leave in a speedboat that will take us to the Island where we will spend the day in a beautiful place where we can walk on trails, enjoy the Beach and its white sand, beautiful landscapes, an hour of snorkeling, a delicious lunch, chopped fruits, soft drinks, water and a guide that will accompany us throughout the trip.

Monte Sky Lookout.

Description: You can accompany us to spend a night in a natural paradise to have enough time to know the place as well as the wonders it offers. The site has a stay for 18 people, in a 2-storey shelter which on the first floor has a dining room, kitchen, living room, bathrooms for men and women separately and on the second floor has 3 bedrooms and a small balcony . The place has 9 waterfalls of different heights ranging from 7m to 110m high, and 9km on trails of different difficulties. (It has electricity thanks to solar panels so the current is limited)

Island San Lucas Tour.

Description: Come and know the Natural Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area of San Lucas Island as well as its history, its ruins and its buildings on a full-day tour, leaving Puntarenas in a speedboat and traveling 3 km from The Pacific coast to an island consisting of 472 hectares, the most dangerous inmates in the country were housed from 1873 to 1991. A guided tour, with a delicious lunch, chopped fruits, soft drinks and water.

Mangroves and Dolphins.

Description: The Tour tries to make a small early tour on the Pacific coast leaving a small pier in Puntarenas on a speedboat where we will spend the morning hoping to see dolphins in the and after noon we will go to the mangroves of these same coasts , offering you during the tour a snack, fruits, fresh, the necessary equipment and accompanied by a guide who will be with us throughout the trip.

Chorreras Walk.

Description: Come and enjoy a small walk of 1.5 km (30 minutes) within beautiful trails and a picturesque landscape over a dry tropical forest to reach the beautiful Las Chorreas Twin Falls that in its fall form a beautiful pool and natural pool where You can bathe, refresh and rest and after a while start the way back, the tour includes the tour guide and a delicious lunch.

Butterfly and Serpentarium.

Description: Come and enjoy this beautiful experience, 150 meters from the Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin, in an interesting ecosystem for many animals and plants surrounded by forest, with 3 of the largest families of Mariposas de Costa Rica, 23 species of snakes of the 11 of which are poisonous and 6 species of frogs in habitats built of wood and glass, this tour includes the Naturalist Guide for the tour and a delicious lunch

Oropéndola Walk.

Description: A tour which is composed of a 3.5 km (45 minute) tour of the Pailas area or also known as Las Calderas, in the Rincon de la Vieja National Park on a beautiful trail, show the spectacular power of the Volcano Rincon de la Vieja, the most active and largest volcano in Guanacaste with fumaroles, geysers, bubbling mud pails and many more things that you will not find anywhere else in Costa Rica until you reach the beautiful Oropéndola Waterfall with an impressive 25 meters that It falls on a bubbling turquoise pool where you can rest or consume yourself, this tour includes the Naturalist Guide that will accompany you during the tour and a delicious lunch.

Hot Springs Horseback Riding.

Description: Come and enjoy this beautiful tour on the best means of all-terrain transportation such as the horse, from Guanacaste to the best hot springs in the area, on our calm and friendly horses, leaving from a pen on beautiful trails that run along the Dry tropical forest and the pastures of the hacienda, you can observe many birds, mammals and reptiles on this trip. The site has 10 pools built on the river bank with mineral waters and naturally heated in the depths of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, this tour includes the Naturalist Guide, the horse with its respective equipment (helmet), and a delicious lunch.

Horseback Riding to the Falls

Description: Come and enjoy this beautiful tour riding for 30 minutes to the first waterfalls that fall on a beautiful pool with sky-blue mineral waters, after the dip we will continue with another 20 minutes of horseback riding to a place where we will leave the horses and walk by a small but steep hill to the next captivating waterfall, with a fall of 35 meters where you can also cool off before the last ride 45 minutes back, this tour includes the naturalist guide, the horse with its respective equipment (helmet) and A delicious lunch.

Mountain bike Tour.

Description: Come and enjoy excellent mountain biking tours, post singletrack trails on three different routes that can satisfy all levels, with 30 km of trails and trails under the shade with incredible views, driving through the forest along a He laughed and starting at 500m altitude, on these trails with excellent shade they keep him cool and being surrounded by nature will give them ample possibilities to see wild animals, this tour includes the guide, the bike rental, helmet and a delicious lunch.

Beginner: 12.5 km, 2 to 3 hours.
Intermediate: 16 km, 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
Expert: 30 km, 3 to 4 hours

Katira Labyrinth.

Description: Come and enjoy the largest Labyrinth in all of Costa Rica located in an area of 5,300 meters, surrounded by a theme park full of figures made with bushes and very close to the famous Celeste River. It has great height and a fairly extensive route to make the experience worthwhile.


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