Most of our projects are classified as middle class, although the shared rooms, services and places to stay will be clean and comfortable, do not expect luxury, comfort and privacy are not like those of a hotel room. The idea will always be that in your stay you are given the warmth, the love that you will not find in other places, as well as the opportunity to practice your Spanish as much as you want. We know each Project personally and we also ask the Volunteers to evaluate their experience on the Site before they leave, so that we can ensure that the Projects are providing a good service, with a form that we will send them. However, since each Volunteer is different in personality, tastes, habits, etc., each one will have a different experience, even in the same project. We are also aware that sometimes the Projects present different situations that may affect them, as well as illnesses, work problems, fatigue, etc. With this in mind, if for any reason you do not feel welcome, you are not happy or comfortable with your project, please inform our staff immediately so that we can solve it, make the necessary changes and arrangements.

Meals: Projects offer breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for Volunteers. Please communicate any special dietary needs to the Project Director in the same way we will also send it to you before entering the Project. Also, don’t hesitate to let him know which dishes he likes and which ones he doesn’t like. We urge vegetarian Volunteers to give their Project Director a list of suggestions, taking into account that they are in another country which will facilitate meal planning. Being in a Tropic results in the specific climatic conditions of the place, here in Costa Rica the humidity, the rains, the sun, the heat, etc. It is necessary to pay special attention to daily hygiene, you should shower every day, keep your clothes clean and use deodorant every day. Costa Ricans highly value cleanliness and a pleasant personal appearance. Because our climate is never very cold and given that electricity is expensive, in Costa Rica most of the Projects do not have electric water heaters in their showers. Therefore, not all projects will find hot water available.

Laundry Service: Projects are responsible for the washing of bed linen, but because it is a personal item, Volunteers must wash their clothes, you can do it in the bathroom sink, while showering or asking in the Project about the use of the sink in the laundry room. Most Projects do not have a dryer, so keep in mind that your clothes have to be sun dried. Do not expect your clothes to be clean and dry the next day. Especially during the rainy season or in cold places, the clothes may take a few days to be completely dry.

Telephone: Please make an effort to avoid using the telephone in the Projects. Each Project must pay on a charged time basis for all calls made from their phone, which could be very expensive for them. If you need to do so, please ask permission before using the phone in the Project and try to use it as little as possible.

Dress Code: Volunteers can dress informally after meeting the established Volunteer time (in their free time). Depending on the weather conditions, Volunteers usually wear typical spring / summer clothes throughout the year, bring a sweater or jacket for the cool afternoon as well as the breeze. During the rainy season, always carry an umbrella and a light raincoat. Suggestions of clothing will appear in the information of each project in order to avoid undesirable attention.

Exception: With Volunteer Xtreme you can coordinate your transportation as you prefer, either in a taxi or that you are informed of how to arrive with your Public Transportation to your initial Project or your next Project (the transportation value is covered by the Volunteer, Volunteer Xtreme can advise or coordinate the Taxi).

Changes or extensions of time: If you like to change or if you want to stay longer in your Project, please inform the Volunteer Xtreme staff in advance so they can coordinate the rest of your stay, as well as the cancellation of the extra days (for the cancellation of a project there is no money back from that place)

Rooms: Both the room and the bathrooms and services are the responsibility of the Volunteers to do their best to keep them clean and tidy as well as the shoes in place.

Bathrooms: In Costa Rica, as in other Latin American countries, the sewage system is very old, the water pressure is low and the pipes are narrow, therefore it is very common to find a garbage dump next to the toilet. This means: DO NOT throw tissue paper in the toilet, use the garbage collector.

Towels: You need to provide your own towel. If you did not bring one with you, we suggest you buy one at the supermarket.

Keys: You will be given a key to enter your room (in projects where necessary) In case you lose the key, you must pay your Project to replace it.


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Sales Advisor
Cartago, Costa Rica.

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Sales Executive
San Jose, Costa Rica.

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General Manager

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Cartago, Costa Rica.

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